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Engaging our Staff

Staff engagement remains at the heart of our aspiration to be World Class and is fundamental to in achieving the 5 core areas of our Together Towards World Class programme; World Class Experience, World Class Services, World Class Conversations, World Class Leadership and World Class People

The cycle of; listening to staff, feeding back to staff and taking action on feedback, is essential to our staff feeling connected to UHCW and improvements being made.

We provide a range of opportunities to enable staff to give us their feedback of their experience of working for University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust, and suggestions of what needs to be improved.

Our engagement activities include:

  • Listening Events, where staff have opportunity to interact with each other and discuss what improvements need to be made
  • Staff Friends & Family Test, which is similar to the Patient Friends & Family Test but where we ask staff about their experiences of our Trust and whether they would recommend it to their friends and family
  • Local Staff Survey, which asks staff to feedback on specific areas of their job such as development opportunities and how the Trust looks after staffs’ health and wellbeing

Fundamental to our engagement with staff is our commitment to keep them up-dated on how we are using their feedback to make changes. We feedback to staff in a number of ways:

  • Newsletters
  • Conversation events
  • Celebration events, whilst saying thank you to staff for their feedback, and their continued efforts in delivering great patient care

By joining UHCW you will be part of the journey ensuring that we are World Class

Nurses at University Hospital, Coventry, and the Hospital of St Cross, Rugby, have contributed to a prestigious new manual for trainee and practising nurses.