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Specialist Medicine and Ophthalmology

If you are considering a career in one of our specialities you will not be disappointed with all the developments that are ongoing.  It is a fast paced area both on the ward and in clinics, but this offers an exciting opportunity to each member of our team.

We offer a comprehensive competency package which will enable you to develop your skills and confidence whilst being supported by experienced band 6s and band 7s, as well as working along side experienced band 5s who have been in our team for a number of years.

Annual appraisals are conducted which identify which educational opportunities you may wish to pursue. This is actively encouraged as we strive for a competent, confident and educated workforce and will also dedicate time to allow staff to attend internal and external educational study.

Our team are committed to ensuring our patients feel safe and cared for on our wards and departments and we regularly receive positive feedback from our Impressions and Family and Friends Test. This is also reflected when you walk onto our areas as the atmosphere is always welcoming and supportive to any individual.  We aim for a contented and committed workforce and this is evident from our low turnover and low sickness of staff.

Our Services

Specialist Medicine and Ophthalmology consists of five specialities, they are:






We also have:

One Endocrine, Diabetes and Rheumatology ward

Rheumatology Day case unit and Outpatients clinic based at University Hospital Coventry

Dermatology Outpatients based at University Hospital Coventry

Opthalmology Outpatients based at University Hospital, Coventry, Hospital of St Cross, Rubgy, and City of Coventry health Centre.

Eye casualty at University Hospital, Coventry


All our staff are encouraged to be part of the team where they are working to enable them to deliver excellent patient care as well as to be involved in decisions about the services which they deliver.

We have now introduced a ‘Specialist Medicine and Ophthalmology Group Newsletter’ which enables staff to find out what’s going on with the rest of the Group as it is so diverse and across different locations.

Work life

We offer a negotiation/flexible work pattern that can help give you a work life balance and get the best out of what you can offer and we can give to you in return.

This way we include and capture everyone to ensure they feel valued and part of the team.

For more information about working in this speciality or to arrange an informal visit contact:

Helen Jones (Modern Matron) - [email protected]




Nurses at University Hospital, Coventry, and the Hospital of St Cross, Rugby, have contributed to a prestigious new manual for trainee and practising nurses.