Oncology & Haematology


Oncology & Haematology services include:

  • Oncology Ward – Ward 35 – 30 beds
  • Acute Oncology – Ward 35
  • Chemotherapy Suite – Arden Centre – 18 chairs
  • Haematology Ward – Ward 34 – 17 beds
  • Haematology Day Unit – Ward 34 – 10 chairs, 1 procedure room

The haematology ward cares for patients with haematological malignancies such as leukaemia and lymphoma. We also perform autologust bone marrow transplants.

We provide care for haememotological disorders such as sickle cell and thalassaemia traits and bleeding disorders such as haemophilia. It is a busy ward with a great team atmosphere as many of the patients have life long illnesses which encourage a good patient - nurse rapport built up over many years.

The haematology ward is a Level 3 centre for the local network and all regional autologust bone marrow transplants are performed here.

We also have a haematology day unit and out patients department. The day unit provides complex treatment regimes to all our patients which help to maintain their long term conditions.

In the Oncology Ward we treat patients in both curative and palliative stages of cancer. We deliver treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and manage complex symptoms resulting from treatments or disease. It is a busy ward with at least 4 elective or emergency admissions and discharges daily. We have an Acute Oncology assessment room situated on the ward which is managed by a separate Acute Oncology Team, but the wards senior nurses are required to provide the out of hours Acute Oncology Service.

There is also the Arden cancer chemotherapy and out patients suite. Many complex treatment chemotherapy regimes are transfused here for our oncology patients. The suite works in close partnership with radiotherapy for those patients receiving combined treatments.

Alongside the Trust’s preceptorship program there is a robust training program which supports professional development for any staff wishing to join these busy and friendly units. We have an in house chemotherapy course and also support post graduate training. Training is a key theme for staff, as all areas are subject to peer review assessments.

We are able to offer rotation through all departments to facilitate professional development and experience. We also have over 27 Clinical Nurse Specialist posts throughout the service that support the wards and Trust wide. This provides excellent career opportunities for advancing into senior posts once knowledge and skill set has been established. We offer a negotiable/flexible work pattern that can help promote a satisfactory work-life balance whilst enjoying a rewarding career.

All oncology CNS posts are supported by Macmillan who provide additional funding for development.

We also have a Trust lead chemotherapy Nurse who manages all areas where chemotherapy is administered and is responsible for the safe delivery of treatments.

For more information about working in this speciality or to arrange an informal visit contact:

Samantha Neale - Modern Matron -  Samantha.Neale@uhcw.nhs.uk