Emergency Department


The Emergency Department serves the Coventry and Warwickshire area with a population of 500,000 people. Our activity typically includes 500 patients a day and we are one of the busiest major trauma centres and emergency departments in the UK.

Our services include:

  • 6 bedded resuscitation area
  • 22 cubicles - majors
  • 10 cubicles - minors
  • GP streaming
  • 17 bed Observation Ward

Our Observation Ward is an independent unit which provides close observation and care for ED and speciality acute risk patients with variable presentations who require extended treatment to facilitate their admission or safe discharge.

We have a number of specialist multi disciplinary nursing teams working within our department. Emergency Nurse Practitioners see and treat patients with minor illnesses and injuries, Cardiac Nurses offer 24 hour PCI and stroke thrombolysis and we have 24 hour Mental Health assessment and support within the department which delivers prompt treatment and management to vulnerable patients and their families. Our REACT team ensures our patients receive a safe and appropriate discharge of elderly patients.

The Emergency Department and Observation ward are innovative and exciting working environments. We offer strong mentoring support to newly qualified staff together with a comprehensive in house induction programme which is in addition to the UHCW trust preceptorship programme.

We are passionate about providing a working environment which is flexible and supportive enabling you to deliver excellent quality and compassionate care and allows for a good work/life balance.

For more information about working in this speciality or to arrange an informal visit contact:

Adrian Cabaluna - Modern Matron - adrian.cabaluna@uhcw.nhs.uk