Acute Medical Unit


The Acute Medical Unit (AMU) is the first point of entry for  patients who are referred to hospital as emergencies by their GP or who require admission from the Emergency Department.

AMU is a busy environment and we receive roughly 50 to 70 admissions every day.

It is not normally a long-term stay area for patients and we expect to send them home or move them to a speciality ward within 24 to 72 hours.

The unit sees patients presenting with a range of acute medical problems, but common problems treated include: heart problems; asthma, chest infection and other respiratory conditions; gastrointestinal bleeding; drug and alcohol problems; and acute illness in the elderly.

Our Services:

  • AMU1 34 beds
  • AMU2 12 short stay beds
  • AMU3 26 beds
  • MDU- Medical Decisions unit incorporating AEC pathways.

For more information about working in this speciality or to arrange an informal visit contact:

Matthew Burden - Modern Matron -