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Research Development and Innovation Department

Developing excellence in research, innovation and education is a Trust strategic priority and we have an exciting partnership with Warwick Medical School which is based in one of the UK’s leading universities. We are committed to establishing our Trust as an internationally recognised centre of excellence through supporting our staff, working in world class facilities and conducting leading edge research focused on the needs of our patients.

The University Hospital benefits from dedicated research accommodation, incorporated into clinical space. We have actively developed our external collaborations, attracting significant external research income from charities, National Institute of Health Research and industry.

We have a reputation for pragmatic and facilitative research governance processes, with a Research, Development and Innovation team committed to supporting our staff.  As winners of the 2014 and 2015 Pharmatimes NHS Clinical Research Site of the year, our efforts have been recognised nationally.  As a consultant at UHCW NHS Trust, you can secure protected time to develop your own research ideas.

Our facilities:

Warwick Medical School’s Clinical Sciences Research Institute

Located in the Trust, the Clinical Sciences Research Institute and has six patient research interface suites for patient-based research.  Each suite contains clinical examination rooms, offices and support facilities.

Human Metabolism Research Unit

The Human Metabolism Research Unit (HMRU) is a new custom built facility designed to measure and analyse all facets of how we create and use energy. At the heart of the HMRU are two state-of-the-art whole body calorimeter rooms, which generate detailed 24-hour energy profiles for an individual – one of only two units in the UK and the most advanced of its type in Europe.

The HMRU also contains a range of equipment for measuring anthropomorphic characteristics including a Bod Pod for air displacement plethysmograhy and cardio-pulmonary exercise testing facilities.

Biomedical Research Partnership in Reproductive Health

UHCW and WMS have recently established the Biomedical Research Partnership in Reproductive Health (BRP-RH), which will become a showcase unit, built upon the Biomedical Research Unit model. This unique resource will underpin clinical studies and laboratory investigations, all of which focussed on the prediction and prevention of pregnancy complications and improved patient care.

Cancer Clinical Trials Research Treatment Centre

The unit was purpose built and newly refurbished in 2010 and is fully equipped for early phase clinical trials. It has its own Clinical Trials Treatment Area (with 5 chemotherapy chairs and 1 bed) and offices which house the research team and a seminar room.

Tissue Bank

The Tissue Bank provides human tissue for research, support for NIHR Portfolio, commercial and academic research projects and ensures human cells and tissues for research are stored in compliance with the Human Tissue Act.

The tissue bank provides researchers with access to a diverse range of quality human tissue, whilst complying with national legislation and ethics, and offers a range of routine histology services, as well as tissue microarrays, immunocytochemistry, and high resolution digital imaging of tissue sections.

Coventry and Warwick Clinical Research Facility, comprising the Cancer Centre, HMRU, BRP-RH and Tissue Bank are an accredited NIHR UKCRC Experimental Medicine Resource.

Nurses at University Hospital, Coventry, and the Hospital of St Cross, Rugby, have contributed to a prestigious new manual for trainee and practising nurses.