The department of Clinical Gerontology provides specialist healthcare services to older people in Coventry and Rugby, serving in total a population of around 450 000. The department provides an extensive range of inpatient, outpatient and day services.

Inpatient Services

At the University Hospital site, current inpatient services consist of provision of care to the following areas:

Ward 40 – Acute Gerontology (acutely ill older people) – 42 beds

Ward 21 – Acute Gerontology (acutely ill older people) – 24 beds

Ward 41 – Combined Stroke Unit – 36 beds (18 acute, 18 rehabilitation)

Ward 20 - Acute Gerontology (acutely ill older people) - 42 beds

At the Hospital St Cross site in Rugby, current inpatient services consist of provision of care to the Rehabilitation Unit for the Trust, based on two wards and to one medical ward:

Oak Ward – Orthogeriatric Rehabilitation – 22 beds

Mulberry Ward – Stroke Rehabilitation, Older people rehabilitation – 22 beds

Hoskyn Ward – Acute medical unit – 25 beds

Outpatient Services

A busy and extensive range of outpatient services are provided by the department. Outpatient services are located at University Hospital, Coventry and the Hospital of St Cross, Rugby.

A wide range of specialist outpatient clinics are currently provided, including:

  • Stroke and TIA
  • Gastroenterological problems in older people
  • Rehabilitation
  • General medical problems in older people
  • A rapid access clinic for older people

Day Unit provision of rehabilitation and other services is found at both University Hospital and the Hospital of St Cross. At University Hospital, a number of services take place, including neuro-rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation, mobility classes, and driving assessment.

At the Hospital of St Cross, Rugby, similar services take place. In addition, the weekly Consultant-led Stroke and TIA clinic and General Gerontology clinic are held in the Day Unit. A regular activities programme also exists for patients attending the Day Unit.

Liaison Services

Orthogeriatric Service - The department provides a daily Orthogeriatric liaison service to the Orthopaedic wards, with a particular focus on specialist input to older people with fractured hips.

Frailty Liaison Service

As part of our ongoing plans to develop an Acute Frailty Unit, the department provides a Frailty Liaison service to the to support the Emergency Department, Medical Decisions Unit, Observation ward and Acute Medical Unit in provide specialist care to frail patients.

Ongoing Service Developments:

  • Implementation of an Acute Frailty Unit
  • Short stay Assessment services
  • Surgical Liaison services
  • Community Services, including care home input and other support to primary care services

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