Cardiac Services

Within Cardiac Services we provide care in the following areas:


28 bedded ward with cardiac monitoring for arrhythmia and NSTEMI patients, also a dedicated heart failure service and CCU step-down.

Coronary Care Unit

10 beds – Tertiary centre for Primary PCI providing regional emergency Coronary Care support. Our service has developed to meet the requirements for advanced heart failure and electrophysiology treatment.

Cardiothoracic Ward 

A 36 bedded ward and a step down unit, caring for trauma and pre/postoperative patients with minor through to major thoracic and cardiac surgery. We offer a dedicated supernumerary induction for all nurses, supported by the trust preceptorship programme for newly qualified staff. We also offer a cardiothoracic essential skills development programme.

Cardiothoracic Critical Care

Combining ITU (8 beds) and HDU (6 beds) provision for post-operative cardiac and thoracic patients. Also offers emergency capacity for the developing TAVI service and the major trauma Emergency Department, and is leading the development of ultrafiltration for the treatment of heart failure.

Cardiac Catheter Suite

3 catheter laboratories, offering 24 hour, 7 day primary PCI service as well as elective angiography, electrophysiology, device implantation and TAVI service. A 4th laboratory is planned to open in 2016.

Cardiology Day Unit

A combination of a trolley area and radial lounge providing care for both day case transfers from regional units and for elective patients. This is currently a Monday to Friday service but is moving to a 7 day service in the near future.