Research & Teaching


The Trust recognises the importance of interdisciplinary research to address fundamental mechanisms underpinning health and disease. We have a close and rewarding relationship with our main academic partner, Warwick Medical School (WMS). There is substantial cross-institute research collaboration, with the Medical School’s Clinical Trials Unit providing expertise for the development of locally led research.

The Trust’s current major research themes, which attract substantial funding, are:-

  • metabolic and cardiovascular medicine
  • reproductive health
  • musculoskeletal and orthopaedics
  • cancer

These themes span the breadth of research from basic science, which is carried out within the WMS Clinical Sciences Research Laboratories, through to translational and applied clinical research.

Clinical researchers at University Hospital are able to contribute to world leading research, particularly in the areas defined by the Trust’s four research themes. Our Human Metabolic Research Unit houses two state-of-the-art whole body calorimeter rooms, which places it amongst the top unit’s in the country. The Biomedical Research Partnership in Reproductive Health has helped us to become a leading centre in reproductive health research.  We also have an impressive Arden Tissue Bank for basic research.  Beyond the four themes, there are others areas of research within the Trust, such as transplant, respiratory medicine and imaging.  Support is additionally given to emerging new areas of research.


The Trust offers state of the art facilities for research. It houses the Warwick Medical School’s Clinical Sciences Research Institute (CSRI), bringing together scientists, clinicians and epidemiologists to study disease mechanisms in vivo and in vitro. There are six well-equipped patient research interface (PRI) suites for patient-based research, containing clinical examination rooms, offices and support facilities.  Each PRI suite enables patient and volunteer studies to be undertaken in a clinical setting independent from, but in close proximity to, the ward environment.  We also have the latest clinical imaging equipment and are proud to be one of the first completely digital hospitals in the UK. The Trust has recently installed a PET-CT and three MRI scanners which are also available for clinical research.

The Trust hosts West Midlands (South) Comprehensive Local Research Network and collaborates with several national clinical research networks.  Our award winning research & development team is responsible for facilitating research and supporting all researchers within the Trust with the ultimate aim of improving patient care.  The research and development team are committed to developing the research culture within the Trust and ensuring that all research in the Trust is conducted to the highest standards. They provide a complete on-site research and development management service to Trust staff.

The research and development team are able to support with research design and access to a statistician.  We have over 50 dedicated and highly trained Research Nurses and Research Assistant Practitioners providing specialist skills and knowledge to support patients and volunteers participating in a range of studies.  They perform clinical procedures to collect data and manage study logistics and paperwork.

Another initiative which we offer is the Clinical Evidence Based Information Service (CEBIS) which encourages evidence based practice.  Clinicians refer questions for a comprehensive review of the available evidence and delivery of a summary.  This supports clinicians, preventing limited time being a barrier to the implementation of evidence based medicine.

For more information about Research, Development and Innovation at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire please click here.


We are the principal teaching hospital for Warwick Medical School with whom we work in close partnership to develop innovative medical education programmes.  We also have links with the University of Coventry.

Medical students and trainees are fundamental to a large teaching hospital and there are copious opportunities to become involved in teaching and training. This could simply involve Departmental teaching programmes, but equally could involve a formal position with the Warwick Medical School.

For more information about teaching at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust please visit the dedicated website here.


Developing excellence in research, innovation and education is a Trust strategic priority and we have an exciting partnership with Warwick Medical School which is based in one of the UK’s leading universities. We are committed to establishing our Trust as an internationally recognised centre of excellence through supporting our staff, working in world class facilities and conducting leading edge research focused on the needs of our patients.

The University Hospital benefits from dedicated research accommodation, incorporated into clinical space. We have actively developed our external collaborations, attracting significant external research income from charities, National Institute of Health Research and industry.

We have a reputation for pragmatic and facilitative research governance processes, with a Research, Development and Innovation team committed to supporting our staff.  As winners of the 2014 and 2015 Pharmatimes NHS Clinical Research Site of the year, our efforts have been recognised nationally.  Consultants at UHCW can secure protected time to develop their own research ideas.