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Medical Staff for department

Consultant   Roles
Dr Nick Balcombe   Clinical Director
Dr Pijush Ray   Clinical Lead/Consultant in Gerontology / Stroke
Dr Suresh Gurijala   Consultant in Gerontology
Dr Ilam Khan   Consultant in Gerontology / Stroke
Dr Ahmad Chaudhry   Consultant in Gerontology/Falls and Orthogeriatrics
Dr Katie Thin   Consultant in Gerontology

Junior Medical Staff

University Hospital                          

7 Specialist Registrars 

14 Senior House Officers

5 House Officers


Hospital of St Cross, Rugby

1 Specialist Registrar

8 Senior House Officers

3 House Officers

Senior Nursing Team


Vicky Williams                        Consultant Nurse

Vanessa McDonagh             Modern Matron

Dementia Nurse Specialists

Rose O’Malley                                   

Tracey Chapman                   

Maria Beech  

Advance Nurse Practitioners

Caroline Warburton - Rugby

Joanne Crinigan -  Rugby

Marie Lawrence -  Rugby

Suresh Periyasamy - Coventry

Susan Wyatt - Coventry

Alex Anderson            - Coventry


Clinical Education Leads - UHCW

Julie Baines

Hayley Best