Landing Page: Departmental Staffing Structure

There are 10 Substantive Consultant Physicians and 3 Locum Consultant Physicians, 8 Senior and Junior Fellows and 9 CMTs in Acute Medicine. All other Medical CMTs (in groups of 9) and F1s rotate through acute medicine in 1 month blocks

Dr Nihal Abosaif   Acute Medicine and Operational Lead
Dr Hemali Kanji   Acute Medicine/ Nephrology and Education Lead
Dr Daniel Zehender   Acute Medicine
Dr Nitin Gholap   Acute Medicine/ Endocrinology
Dr Ranganatha Rao   Acute Medicine/ Endocrinology
Dr Manjunatha Rashmi   Acute Medicine/ Endocrinology
Dr Christopher Harold   Acute Medicine/ Endocrinology
Dr Krishna Appunu   Acute Medicine/ Nephrology
Dr Sophia Anastassiadou   Acute Medicine/ Nephrology
Dr Senti Baladurai   Acute Medicine/ Nephrology and RAF
Dr Christopher Bassford   Acute Medicine/ Intensive Care Physician
Prof Janusz Jankowski   Acute Medicine/ Gastroenterology and Research

Junior Doctors

There are 2 senior clinical fellows and 3 junior clinical fellows with Foundation and Core Medical trainees rotating through the department.

Additional Staff

Helen Pickard   Nurse Consultant in Acute Medicine and Deputy CD
Julie Morgan       Nurse Consultant in Acute Medicine and Clinical Lead Governance

There are 9 Advance Nurse Practioners in the department.

There is also an integrated REACT team which works within the Acute Medicine service. This is a multidisciplinary team providing a comprehensive assessment for older people. They work closely with existing services in Intermediate Care, Social Services and Primary Care to facilitate prompt discharge.

Integration of Acute Medicine with the Medical Specialties

There is close integration with the Medical Specialties. A number of the Physicians in acute medicine are also working in other specialties, Renal, Endocrinology, Intensive Care and Gastroenterology.

There is an on-call Rota for General Medicine for Emergency Admissions. The General Medical Rota allows for the presence of the Consultant for General Medicine from 5pm to 8.30pm Monday to Friday and on-call cover in the nights and weekends.