Work Experience


UHCW supports a range of experiences in the workplace for school, college and university students who want to gain an insight into careers within the NHS or need to spend some time in a relevant department as part of their studies.

We also offer work experience to students from *14 years of age, based in a variety of different departments within University Hospital, Coventry and Hospital of St Cross in Rugby.

Placements in the Trust are from one day to a week, providing there is availability, we will try our best to match your requirements to the placements which we offer but this will not be guaranteed. Please note that some departments do have age restrictions.

We require a minimum of 6 weeks’ notice to arrange a placement.

UHCW also has a team of NHS professionals, our NHS Ambassadors, who are able to go into schools to help support the national curriculum. NHS Ambassadors also attend school and college career fayres.

If you would like to apply for work experience opportunities email

*If you are under the age of 17, placements will not involve working in a patient facing environment