Our large and modern pharmacy department has an innovative approach to pharmaceutical care with floor based medicines optimisation and management teams and pharmacist led speciality clinics. We have strong links with the Medical School at Warwick University, the Department of Medicines Management at Keele University and the School of Pharmacy at Aston University


Pharmacists at UHCW provide a high quality clinical pharmacy service to all patients across the Trust, working closely with all members of the pharmacy team. They undertake training and gain experience in various areas of the pharmacy department and clinical specialties through a structured, competency assessed rotational programme covering specialties such as:

  • Acute Medicine
  • Cardiac Services
  • Women and Children’s Services
  • Gastro –medical and surgical
  • General Surgery
  • General Medicine
  • NeurosSciences
  • Aseptics Services
  • Medicines Information
  • Clinical Trials

Pharmacy Technincian

Pharmacy Technicians are responsibie for providing patients with their medication safely. When working in the dispensary, you will be supplying medication for inpatient and discharge medication for patients across the hospital. They work closely with the rest of the pharmacy team to provide high quality pharmaceutical care to all patients within the Trust, whether in a dispensary or ward based aspect. Pharmacy Technicians are required to have registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

Pharmacy Assistant/Assistant Technical Officer

Pharmacy Assistants, also known as Assistant Technical Officers, help the pharmacists to order, prepare and ispense medicines. Pharmacy Assistants at UHCW rotate through the Aseptic Suite, Dispensary, Ward services and Stores sections gaining experience and undertaking training to obtain a QCF Level 2 in Pharmacy Services.