Landing Page: Acute Medical Units

Acute Medical Unit-1 (AMU-1)

AMU – 1 (Ward 12) is located on the first floor west wing of UHCW and is collocated with the ED, Radiology and Intensive Care.

AMU-1 is designed to provide enhanced care and initial clinical assessment and management of patients presenting with acute medical illness, which have not been initially thought to have conditions which can be managed via MDU or the Ambulatory Emergency Clinic (AEC).

There are facilities to manage patients requiring assessment, with an expected length of stay of 12 hours. It is a mixed sex unit with patients in unisex bays. Each bed within the facility has dedicated cardiac monitoring and can manage acutely unwell medical patients requiring level 1 care.

Acute Medicine Unit-2 (AMU-2)

This unit is located on ward 2 which is on the ground floor east wing of UHCW. It contains 3 separate areas MDU, AEC and Short Stay ward, which in effect is a Medical Emergency Department during the day taking low acuity patients that directly present to ED as well direct GP referrals that have been discussed with the GP liaison Service.

Medical Decisions Unit

The unit was originally called GPAU was opened in February 2015 as part of the Trust’s response to the increasing pressures on emergency care. It was moved to ward 2 and renamed in June 2015 as the unit was so effective allowing the service to expand and allow a fully integrated service.

GP’s in Coventry can phone the GP liaison service who can direct medical referrals either to MDU or to the Ambulatory Emergency Clinic, reducing the number of patients attending the Emergency Department. It operates with an Acute Medicine Consultant, Acute Medicine Fellows, Advance Nurse Practioners as well as nurses and support staff. Approximately 30 patients a day are seen with half of those who attend are being discharged with appropriate follow up.

The CCG has through a successful bid to the Prime Ministers Development Fund been able to provide 2 GP’s, one located in ED and the other in MDU. They are very successful in reviewing self-presenting patients and discharging them to alternative pathways.

Ambulatory Emergency Clinic (AEC)

The AEC provides a safe and capable environment enabling the delivery of high quality initial clinical assessment and management of ambulatory emergency patients presenting to UHCW with acute medical illness. Patients have access to senior clinical decision makers and rapid access to appropriate investigations. It operates with an Acute Medicine consultant, a clinical fellow and 2 junior doctors.

Short Stay Ward

There are 12 beds located on ward 2 which acts as a Short Stay ward. Ideally patients admitted should be for an overnight stay, anticipating they can be discharged the following day. There a daily review by an Acute Physician with input from REACT. There is a daily MDT with GP, community services and Gerontology.

Acute Medical Unit 3 (AMU-3)

AMU 3 is located on the ground floor east wing of UHCW.

The unit provides focused care for patients requiring only a short inpatient stay (< 72 hours). Patients receive a daily consultant review, rapid access to key investigations, and early assessment by the REACT Team to facilitate prompt discharge. It is a mixed sex unit however patients are housed in unisex bays.