Together Towards World Class

The Together Towards World Class (TTWC) programme is our aspiration to become a national and international leader in leader in healthcare.

The programme was launched in March 2014 by our Chief Executive Officer, Andy Hardy and has staff engagement at the heart of it. We have 5 core areas of focus and we continuously gather feedback from staff at all levels across the Trust, to shape the content and direction of each of them. We continuously ask staff what we should do, what improvements need to be made, and then we feedback what we have acted on.

At UHCW, we are delighted that we will also be working with Virginia Mason Institute in Seattle to support us in our journey towards world class.

Our 5 core areas of focus are:

World Class Experience

Collaborate with staff to ensure there is a recognisable shift in patient experience at UHCW so we become a beacon of excellence recognised at both a national and international level.

World Class Services

Transform the services the Trust delivers and together with the other TTWC programmes we will embed an ethos of continuous improvement and world class service delivery across the Trust as part of business as usual.

World Class Conversations

Implement world class, fit for purpose internal communications and employee engagement strategies and policies aligned with values and behaviours.

World Class Leadership

Develop and implement world class leadership and talent development (underpinned by UHCW values and behaviours) which fully prepares UHCW’s workforce to deliver the strategic objectives of the organisation and the challenges it will face over the next 10 years.

World Class People

Develop and implement world class, fit for purpose, values and behaviours based people management strategies policies and processes, which recognise our staff as the key deliverers of the Trust’s strategic and operational ambitions, on the journey to becoming a world class healthcare provider.